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In addition to providing top-quality roofing services in the Bay area, Shadowfax Roofing and Solar is also San Jose's source for solar energy equipment. We are skilled specialists who successfully repair, install, and maintain roofing structures and solar panels every day!

As a leading solar company in San Jose, we feel that focusing on our customers is one of the most important parts of our job. We believe that customer service is an essential part of the job for any service provider, which is why we will never rush you or fail to answer your questions. Our goal is to make your switch to solar easy!

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Is Solar Worth It?

Making any major financial investment can be a difficult decision to make, and investing in solar is no exception. It's important to look at it as an investment – the initial cost is just the first step of that process, you also have to consider what it means for you and your wallet down the road. A few key things to consider include:

  • How high your electric bill is: The single biggest factor to consider is the current size of your electric bill. You pay a utility company for every single kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity you use, and rates can vary depending on your address. By installing solar panels on your roof, you get to keep the money you would otherwise be paying that utility company.
  • The cost of the solar panels: While going for the cheapest solar panels you can find might seem like the frugal decision at first, the long-term savings might be lower when you factor in the effectiveness over the next 20 years. Taking the time to do the math and break down exactly how much you can expect to save over that time will help you make the best financial decision.

Innovative Solar Roofing Solutions in San Jose

It’s never been a better time to get a new solar roof! If your current roofing structure is failing or in need of repair, now is the time to consider making the switch to solar panels. Upgrading to solar may seem expensive at the onset, but you can start saving money almost immediately after installation. Most solar panels make electricity efficiently and quickly, and they produce energy that is cheaper than your local utility company. Many people make the switch to solar after many years of consideration but switching to solar is one of the smartest choices you can make for your home or business.

Five Reasons to Switch to Solar Panel Roofing:

  1. Lower energy spending
  2. Government incentives and rebates
  3. Improved home resale values
  4. Environmentally friendly choice
  5. Independence from the utility system

Tremendous savings can be made from switching to solar panels. Relying on solar panels for your electricity means you are buying less energy from your local utility company. It takes a little time, but eventually, solar panels can begin to pay for themselves. If you add together utility savings and government incentives, homeowners can easily recoup the money spent on solar panel installation. Some homeowners can realize even more savings by sending their unused energy back into the power grid. When you send electricity back into the power grid, you receive credits each month.

Why Choose Us?

Strength Through Integrity
  • Quality Service & Premium Products

    We pride ourselves on the quality of work we perform. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed!

  • Company with Integrity

    We always stand behind our work and offer great projects at fair prices.

  • Experience & Longevity

    We are a local, family-owned business with 15 years in the professional roofing industry.

A Professional & Experienced Team of Solar Roofing Installation Specialists

The team at Shadowfax Roofing and Solar is committed to continued learning and innovation. As the technology surrounding solar energy continues to change and improve, our team is dedicated to remaining educated about these technological advancements. We hope to continue to provide our customers with the very best solar installation and repair service in the area.

Even now, solar panels can be customized to your particular roof shape, design, or household need. Our skilled team of specialists is trained and experienced to ensure your solar installation is professionally handled from beginning to end. If your panels aren’t installed properly, it can compromise the functionality of your entire system, so you want to make sure you only allow licensed and trained professionals to repair, install, and maintain your roofing.

There are many solar companies in San Jose, but we are confident that after many hours of installation and industry experience, we are the best team to handle your solar installation job. When you are ready to switch to solar, you want professionals who know what they are doing, like our team at Shadowfax Roofing and Solar!

Making the Switch to a Solar System on Your Roof

We are proud of our reputation for being honest and trustworthy service providers to our customers. When helping customers make the change to solar, we guide them in navigating the transition. While switching to solar is a smart long-term investment for most home and business owners, it does take time to realize the financial savings.

At Shadowfax Roofing and Solar, our customers are our priority, so we work to help them make the right choice for their home or business. Unlike some providers, we will never put our customers into situations that do not work for their rooftops. If solar panels aren’t a good fit for your home or personal situation, you can trust our team to let you know the truth.

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